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When it comes to file encryption, I've looked at a lot of different software. There are some really good ones I have came across during my journey to find "the one" but they were missing something. I'm really big into open source and self hosting applications. So after finding Cryptomator and using it for a while now I'm finally sure I have found "the one". You can use Cryptomator across multiple devices and even use it in the cloud ex. Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega ect. Here's how to it after you download and install it. If you don't want to install it I'll provide the download link to the portable version (comes in handy to add to usb drives or cloud drives if you keep a vault there).

First after running Cryptomator, create a vault with a password wherever you want it to be stored. Be sure to copy your backup key and keep it in a safe place. If you lose your password this is the only way you can get your stuff back!

After your vault is created, open that vault with the password you used to create it, then select Reveal Drive when it asks. After that it will pop up in file explorer and you can add your files. If it doesn't pop up for you then you can go to file explorer and look in "This PC"

To lock you vault just go back to Cryptomator and selct your vault and click lock.

Thats it!

Here is the link to download Cryptomator:

Full Install: